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Jammers on a mission

All three of the creators, Cailin, Samara, and Jennifer are roller derby jammers passionate about giving back to our roller derby community.  Together we have over 30 years of experience in the sport.  We are launching this collection to help roller derby leagues survive, and thrive in this pandemic, and hopefully for some time afterward.  You can see us on the track all around the world - and we would love to say hello!


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The nerds behind the idea...


Lady Trample

Samara Pepperell

Samara is an artist and graphic designer.  Samara is currently residing in her homeland New Zealand where she also runs her Skating company CIB.  You can see her petting all the dogs, surfing when she isn't doing art, and shredding in bowls.

Sharon Tacos

Cailin Klien

The brain child behind Bout Time NFTTT.  Tacos is a skater for Denver Roller Derby, a marketing executive in "real life" and a lover of tacos and tiki bars.

Miss Tea Maven

Jennifer Dean

Jennifer is a marketing professional as well as an artist wannabe.  She is currently recovering from an ACL injury and hopes to get back to skating and her ultimate love of roller derby coaching in late 2022!



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